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Take action to make a positive change

Life is too short to be doing boring things or things you don’t like, to waste it in a dead-end job you hate, to work with people you don’t like, or to work in an environment you don’t like. The great thing is, you can take action any day to make a positive change.

Find tips, tools, and inspiration to help you with personal development, increasing productivity, discovering your creativity, creating an inspiring work environment, and above all finding happiness in everyday things.

Be inspired and inspire others as well.

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Personal Development

One of the most important needs of people is the desire for self-actualization. In other words, to achieve one’s full potential. Personal growth is, therefore, a crucial element to lead a fulfilling life. The good thing is that every day offers an opportunity to learn something new. As Gandhi said, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

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Productivity? That sounds very corporate and boring! However, look at this way: the less time you spend on stuff you don’t like to do the more time you’ll have to spend on fun stuff. Working efficiently and being productive matters, because it allows you to have more time for fun things and helps you reach your personal goals.

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Inspiration & Creativity

Inspiration leads to ideas, creativity and a motivation to make a change. Not happy with how things are? Instead of complaining, go and make a change by taking action. Get inspired, develop your creativity, and be creative to make something beautiful to share with the world.

The Pursuit of Happiness

Deep down all human beings want the same thing: avoid pain and be happy. It’s no different whether that’s at work or in private. Happy people make the world a better place.
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Unhappy people make the world a sadder place. Though happiness is relative, work can often be the cause of unhappiness. Either a lack of work, people at work or the work itself can be causes for unhappiness.

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The good thing is, happiness doesn’t come from an outside force. It’s all in you, yourself. Get inspired, get ideas, start creating and share your findings to inspire other people as well.

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