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Personal Development, Creativity & Happiness

This website is about personal development, creativity and making boring things like work more fun, spiced up with a little bit of humor and pretty pictures.

Get inspired, keep learning, be creative and don’t forget to have fun!

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Head over to the blog and get inspired by articles about: Personal development and self improvement, how to make work less boring and more fun, developing creativity, how to sell ideas with pictures and life hacks.

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About Danny Debi illustration

Danny Debi in a nutshell

Born and bred in Rotterdam, mixing Eastern culture with Western and a weird sense of humor.

♥ 80s cartoon shows, traditional animation, illustration, zen, vegetarian food, learning and reading. Fascination for redheaded women and drawing skulls and devils.

Professional interest in design, innovation, technology and education. Learn more about me.

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Pursuit of Happiness

Deep down all human beings want the same thing: avoid pain and be happy. It’s no different whether that’s at work or in private. Most people want to be happy, which includes work. So, why not create fun at work? Fun at work actually leads to better results, because happy people tend to do a better job.

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Inspiration & Motivation

Inspiration leads to ideas, creativity and a motivation to make a change. Not happy with how things are? Instead of complaining, go and make a change by taking action. Get inspired and be creative to make something beautiful to share with the world.

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Personal Development

One of the fun things in life is that every day offers an opportunity to learn something new. Permanent education is a fundamental ingredient for personal development. Gandhi already said, “Live as if you were to die tomorrow. Learn as if you were to live forever.”

Latest from the Blog

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Secure Browsing

Last week dannydebi.com switched from http to https providing a better user experience and security for all visitors. For those who are not aware what https is: https is the secure version of http. Simply [...]

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Books by Danny Debi

The Books page has been updated. If you go to new the Books page, you'll find all the published books written and illustrated by me. The following books have been published: A comic book (in [...]

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Goth Girls, Devil Girls, Skulls & Satan Illustrations Portfolio

Danny Debi's illustration portfolio has been added! The rest of the website is still under construction, but I added the portfolio section. In comparisson to the previous version of my website there are less pictures [...]

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