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Danny Debi inspiration light bulb imageLife’s too short to be doing boring things and being unhappy, especially when there are so many amazing things to do, to discover, to have fun and most importantly to be happy! Discovery and art make life exciting in my opinion. And I love to learn, discover, try out new things, create something beautiful and share my findings with other people.

For most people, including myself, work is an essential part of life, because we simply need to earn money in order to make a living. But just because work is a necessity, it doesn’t mean it can’t be fun. I started this website to (hopefully) inspire people to add a healthy dose of fun to work and life, to keep learning and to keep growing as a person.

Danny Debi - In a nutshell
Danny Debi - In a nutshell
Born and bred in Rotterdam, mixing Eastern culture with Western and a weird sense of humor. ♥ 80s cartoon shows, traditional animation, illustration, zen, vegetarian food, learning and reading. Professional interest in design, innovation, technology and education. Fascination for redheaded women and drawing skulls and devils.

Why this website

Happy people make the world a better place.

Unhappy people make the world a sadder place. Though happiness is relative, work can often be the cause of unhappiness. Either a lack of work, people at work or the work itself can be causes for unhappiness.

The good thing is, happiness doesn’t come from an outside force. It’s all in you, yourself. Get inspired, get ideas, start creating and share your findings to inspire other people as well.

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Personal Projects

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One of my biggest hobby’s was drawing. I used to love drawing skulls, devils and alternative girls (i.e. goth girls, devil girls, punk girls, etc) with a special fascination for redheaded women. Visit my portfolio to view some of my graphic work. Be warned some are NSFW! Go to the portfolio.

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80’s Cartoons

The 80’s were a special decade in many ways, and I think the 80’s was the decade with the coolest cartoon shows on TV. I was such a fan of these cartoons that I even dedicated a whole website to them. Go visit the website 80s Toons for some 80’s cartoon nostalgia. Due to time constraints the website isn’t updated anymore.

Image of books by Danny Debi

Books & Comic Books

I love to write and have even written and published two books in the past. I love to combine text with visuals.