Improve communication skills with visual storytelling

The most important reason to use visual storytelling as a professional or an organization: if you want people to remember your message and care about it, tell a good story and use visuals to convey it!

Don’t make your communication boring. Make it fun, clear, and engaging. Visual storytelling can be used for internal communication as well as external communication.

yawning cat being bored
Colorful rose

Communication challenges in the modern age

Traditional forms of communication are becoming less and less effective. Think of text-only based communication, but also the traditional marketing channels as ads, tv commercials, etc. Reasons, why traditional communication isn’t as effective anymore, are:

  • People have a developed a shorter attention span
  • People have become marketing proof
  • Technology has made it easier to broadcast a message, but that has resulted in an information overload
  • Technology has made it easier to copy each other making it harder to create something unique
  • Lots of data available, but data in itself doesn’t provide information or insights
  • Lack of face-to-face communication of organizations makes corporate communication impersonal thus leading to little engagement

Improve communication with visual storytelling

Visual storytelling is a natural way of communicating and more powerful than traditional forms of communication. Benefits of visual storytelling are:

  • Stories and visuals are better remembered
  • Knowledge transfer takes place easily through stories and visuals
  • Stories entertain, thus makes it fun
  • Stories lead to engagement
  • Stories can lead to change and therefore actions
Two birds having a conversation