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The following books have been published:

Both these books have been written and illustrated by me.

Comic book by Danny Debi

Hellene Devil Girl from HellHeadshot of Hellene redheaded smoking goth girl is a comic book about a hot redhead named Hellene.

Ever since I was a kid I used to love reading comic books. Comic books and cartoons are what really got me interested in becoming a professional artist. That is, until I realised how very little money professional comic book artists make.

Even though money is not that important to me, I do find it important being able to pay the bills (and having enough money left to actually buy and read comic books 😉 That’s why I didn’t pursue a career as a comic book artist.

I may not have continued pursuing a career as a professional comic book artist, but I never stopped dreaming about publishing my own comic book one day. So, one day I decided that’s exactly what I’m going to do, namely publish a comic book. I spend all of my spare time to make it a reality. It took me some time to write the book, make all the drawings, letter the whole thing and finally make sure everything was ready for publication. But by being focused I reached my goal: my first comic book was published.

If you’re interested to see the final result, head over to the store to order a copy of the comic book Hellene Devil Girl from Hell.

Comic book Hellene Devil Girl from Hell on a wooden table

Management book by Danny Debi

Afbeelding van het boek Is het al WeekendOnce I published my first comic book, the interest to publish another comic book faded away. I had already realised my dream. It was time for a new goal.

Because I love books in general, not just comic books, it wasn’t hard to find my next goal. Reading management books is something I enjoy. They provide an opportunity to learn new things and can help you get better at a job. Having worked at an international company for many years in various manager roles I had gained quite some experience. If I had that experience before I started working, it would’ve made life so much easier.

That’s why I decided to write a book about my experiences to help others. A good management book in my opinion isn’t just a book you can learn from, but it should also be entertaining. So, I decided my new book would have to meet at least three important criteria. It should:

  1. Teach the reader something new
  2. Be a fun read
  3. Be visual

Those three criteria turned into my next book, a funny, illustrated management book titled Is het al weekend. For this book I decided to write in Dutch, because it’s my native language. The idea was to write it in Dutch first and to translate it in English at some point in the future. Work on an English translation hasn’t started yet, but I may start on it once my website is fully up and running again.

If you’re interested to see the final result, head over to the store to order a copy of the book Is het al weekend. Be aware it’s in Dutch!

Management book Is het al weekend on a wooden table

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