Plaatje boek Is het al weekend

Is het al weekend (Thank God It’s Friday)

Illustrated management book (Dutch)

Is het al Weekend is the first management book published by Danny Debi and is written in Dutch, hence the Dutch title.

Though Is het al weekend is a management book, it’s actually a humorous (almost satirical), illustrated book about work with serious tips for personal development and coping with work. Read more about the contents of the books on its own page in the store.

The book was available in various bookstores as well as big online chains like and

Read more about the book and its content here.

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Picture comic book Hellene devil girl from hell

Hellene – Devil girl from Hell

Comic book (English)

Hellene Devil Girl from Hell is the first comic book publication by Danny Debi.

The comic book is about a hot redheaded devil girl from Hell named Hellene and her over the top adventures with her friend Satan himself. The stories are based on various gags involving Hellene and/or Satan. The comic book features some serious dark humor and is based around my favourite drawing topics: redheaded babes, devil girls, Satan and smoking goth girls.

Hellene Devil Girl from Hell is absolutely NOT suitable for children and for people with no humor. It has lots of nudity, swearing, and extreme violence. The comic book was written and illustrated for mature audiences.

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