The economy is growing again after years of economic downturn, but finding a job can still be challenging if lots of people apply for the same position. Making your resume stand out and getting read is the first hurdle you need to overcome in a competitive job market. How do you get your resume noticed? Create a visual CV with UptoWork. 

Full disclosure: UptoWork contacted me to review their resume builder. This article is my personal view though on the tool without any interference from Uptowork.

The first step in getting that dream job is to have the necessary skills for the job well. In that regard UptoWork won’t be of much help, that’s all you. But having the right skills may not be enough in a competitive job market. You also need to present your resume very well.

The Modern Resume: A Visual CV

Regardless of how superficial it may sounds, looks are the first thing people notice. Same with resumes. A beautifully designed resume will get noticed easier than a dull looking resume.

Text-based resumes you create in Word with pages full of text without any design elements are old fashioned. A modern resume also focuses on the design of the resume. Just google ‘modern resume’, and you’ll get lots of hits with templates for a visual cv.

MS Word based resume vs visual cv

Some of these stunning looking resumes you can create with design software like Photoshop or InDesign. Others are based on templates created in Word which you can tweak once you download the template. Some of these are free, some ask for a small fee. Another option is to use an online resume generator which creates a modern looking resume based on your input. That’s where UptoWork comes in.

What is UptoWork?

Uptowork is a tool to design a visual CV. I went to and created a resume to see what it’s about and how it works. After a first go, I must say it’s a straightforward tool to create a modern, visually pleasing resume.

How does it work?

The resume builder is based on templates. Depending on your plan you either get to choose from 4 templates or 20 templates. Yes, UptoWork is a paid service. I’ll get to the pricing information later. But if you really can’t miss a dime then you’ll have to put in more effort yourself to design something beautiful and UptoWork may not be for you.

Once you’ve chosen a design, you can start filling it with content, i.e., your personal information, work experiences, skills, and education. If you go to UptoWork the headline is concise and clear:

UptoWork homepage screenshot
You can hardly miss the button labeled ‘Create my resume now’, which entices you to create your resume.

Clicking the button ‘CREATE MY RESUME NOW’ will lead you to the next page where you can choose from different design templates to create a visual CV.

Resume Template Browser

In the so-called ‘Resume Builder’ you can choose from different design templates. You can preview each template to see how it looks like before picking one:

Uptowork Visual CV resume builder

Once you’ve selected a template, you like click the ‘Use this template’ button on the selected template. In the next screen, you’ll be able to customize the color of the template.

Select the color combination you want, and the template will change accordingly so that you can preview the changes in real time. The available color schemes are business oriented with white, grey and blue being the main choices. If you prefer a more colorful pallet, then you’re out of luck. These are all the colors you’ll get. On the other hand, the less choice you have, the easier it is.

Resume builder

With the color scheme for your resume selected, you can start adding content to your resume template.

Adding content to your resume template

Adding content to your selected design template is very easy. The boxes to add your personal information are self-explanatory. Each part also has a little tip on top to guide you through the process. Each text box can be formatted using standard format options, like bold, italic, adding a hyperlink, text-align, etc.

Adding personal info to the resume builder

The tool has divided the resume content into five parts (see screenshot above):

  1. Personal Info
  2. Summary
  3. Experience
  4. Education
  5. Skills

For each of these parts, you just add text. This should be a copy-and-paste exercise, assuming you already have written your resume. UptoWork will let you design a modern looking resume, but it will not write your resume.

The tool does give tips and examples for writing each part of the resume. Under skills, you can add your top skills to showcase your abilities. One of the handy things is that you can rate your skills using a star system.

Once you added all the information to create a resume, you click the preview button to see how it will look. As I mentioned before, UptoWork is a paid service. You can build a resume for free with their tool. But if you actually want to use the resume, i.e., download it or convert it to a pdf, you’ll have to pay for it.

Pricing of UptoWork

There are 24 templates to choose from, falling into two categories: Start and Premium. The more beautiful looking templates are only available as a Premium template. In the Start plan the templates, in general, seem rather dull in my opinion and aren’t that much better than a resume created in Word. The Premium templates, on the other hand, are what you’d expect from a modern looking resume. The designs are nice and look professional.

UptoWork offers three prices:

Pricing of UptoWork resume builder

A resume builder, of course, has no value if you’re not able to download your newly created resume. So, if you actually want to use any of the templates, you’ll have to pick one of the plans. If you already have written your resume then getting a 3-month premium plan makes no sense. You’ll only have to copy-paste your texts into the template and export the design to pdf, and you’re done.

You can try out the resume builder without having to pay for it. This way you can see if the tool fits your needs. You only have to pay when you actually want to download or export your resume. If you don’t like the designs, then no money is lost.

Alternative Resume Design Tools

Professional design tools, like Adobe’s Illustrator, Indesign or Photoshop, offer much more flexibility design-wise than UptoWork. For example, you can choose any font you want, create unlimited color combinations and adjust the layout to any format you want. The thing is if you knew how these tools worked and had any design skills you probably wouldn’t need UptoWork 🙂 Also, Adobe’s set of tools cost more than UptoWork.

Another option is to find a free template for a visual CV in Word format which you tweak. The pro in comparison to UptoWork is clear: it’s free. The downside is you’ll have to search for it and then tweak it. Anyone who’s worked in Word trying to ‘design’ something knows what a hell that can be. Word is not meant to create beautiful layouts.

Moving a picture in MS Word meme image

That’s where the value of UptoWork lies. For the 99% of the business population who don’t have design skills or the time to learn them or tweak Word, Uptowork can be a good solution. You can create a modern looking resume for a relatively small price without any hassle.


Writing your resume in Word and sending a dull looking resume to recruiters won’t cut it anymore. To get your resume noticed your resume needs to have visual appeal as well. If you want to create a modern looking, visually appealing version of your (boring) Word-based resume, then UptoWork is a handy tool to create a visual CV.

Go to UptoWork to give it a try.

Happy job hunting!

Elmer Fudd hunting

Image credits (top to bottom): Good Resume, Wallpaper Safari, UptoWork, We Know Memes, Warner Bros.