Project Description

Illustration of Hellene, the redheaded goth girl, with a devil’s tail and posing with a pitchfork. This illustration was made for the comic about Hellene and used to be featured on the homepage of the previous version of my website when the focus on my website was on my graphical work.

The illustration was made with old fashioned pen and paper. Some people have remarked that it was made in Illustrator as a vector image, but that is not the case. If you look closely you’ll notice some imperfections in the pen lines. I think it’s more fun to actually draw with a pencil on paper.

About Hellene the redheaded Goth Girl

Hellene is a fictional character I created, because I love the image of a redhead woman especially dressed in black with flaming redhair and blue eyes. Initially I drew her as a devil girl with horns and a devil’s tail, but later removed the horns because Hellene looks better without them. So, I changed her to a goth girl instead of a devil girl. The outfit stayed the same though, as well as the red hair. Hellene is also featured in her own comic book, which you can order here.