Top Skills

I’ve a varied career with different roles and because of that I’m very agile. Though I’ve a broad skill set, there are a few skills I really love AND I’m very good at.

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Leading a Team

Because you can build bigger things with a team than by yourself, I enjoy leading a team. Creating the right environment for people to excel, setting clear objectives in order to reach business goals as well as helping team member reach personal goals, are the most exciting parts of being a great manager.

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Explaining & Training

I love to gain knowledge and also share it. This website is just one of the ways I like to share knowledge. I enjoy finding new ways to help someone understand and learn.

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Visual Storytelling

I can turn seemingly disparate facts and concepts into a cohesive, engaging and tangible story. It’s one of the reasons I love to present and educate as well as entertain people with a visual presentation.

Work Experience

I’ve worked more than a decade in marketing at various international online B2B companies.

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Online Market Research

View my visual resume of an Innovative Market Research Professional by browsing through the presentation below:

I started as a project manager at Bloomerce, a mature startup in the online market research industry, which was acquired by Survey Sampling International (SSI).

During my career at Bloomerce/SSI, I was promoted to Senior Project Manager, Client Services Manager for the Benelux region and eventually Operations Manager for the entire European region and India.

I was heavily involved in training, educating and mentoring other professionals early on, because of my pro-activeness to help others get better at their job. I eventually was the lead for on boarding and training new staff across Europe and India, as well as continuous training for the Operations team in Europe.

At SSI I developed a passion for training and mentoring others.

I also worked closely with the CEO to translate our core values and mission into an engaging visual story for the entire organization worldwide, which to this day is still remembered by people.

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Tech startup B2B SaaS

View my visual resume of a Product Manager at a Tech Startup by browsing through the presentation below:

I joined InnerBalloons at the beginning of 2013 as a product manager for their SaaS offering.

InnerBalloons was an innovative B2B tech startup that built local online marketing software, improving the online visibility of local businesses.

Together with a team of developers, we built several software tools, for which I was the lead. Our products helped local businesses being found online by their target groups and helped InnerBalloons grow more than 100% every year.

Due to the nature of startups, I had several functions in one, namely: product development, product management, and account management.

Innerballoons was eventually acquired by Yext, the leading company in the US in our industry.

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Interactive live online video

I joined Company Webcast as the marketing manager to help them grow their business.

Company Webcast is the market leader in the Benelux for high-end webinar solutions for mid-sized and large organizations.

Early 2017 Company Webcast was acquired by Euronext, the Pan-European stock exchange, making it my third takeover.

So, I guess I can add acquisition expert to my work experience 🙂

Marketing Manager at Company Webcast is my current function, but during my career, I’ve learned to be flexible because things always can and will change.

So, if a fun, international company comes along: I’m open to starting a conversation 🙂

For my full resume, check my Linkedin profile:

Companies I Love to Work at

A job is like a good relationship. In a good relationship, you both benefit and help each other prosper. And similar to relationships, with some company, there’s a click and with others, there isn’t. Below are some key indicators of companies I’d love to work at. Thus far in my career, I’ve been fortunate to have worked at such companies.

  • Internationally oriented

  • Culturally diverse personnel
  • Informal culture

  • Startup mentality
  • Small company, preferably startup
  • Ambition to grow

  • Products/services are (based on) digital offering