Visme is an online design tool to create visuals for practically any use case. With Visme you don’t have to be a designer or hire a designer to create visuals for business presentations, infographics, visual resumes, or any other type of visual content. Below a review of Visme.

Full disclosure: Visme contacted me to review their tool. They gave me premium access to try out the tool. This review is my personal view though on Visme. Some features and templates may only be available in the premium version.

What is Visme

Visme is an online design tool to create visuals for practically any use case. Visme makes it possible to create visuals without the need for design skills or dedicated design software like Adobe’s Creative Suite. It isn’t just a presentation or infographic tool but you can do so much more than that. Visme, for example, can also be used for other forms of visual content such as flyers, scatter plots, graphs & charts, social media graphics, and even to publish survey results. It’s an online service, so you don’t (can’t even) download the software but work in the cloud. The tool works with templates.

View the video below to get an impression of Visme.

Creating Visual Stories By Non-Designers For Effective Communication

Communicating with text-only is, fortunately, becoming a thing of the past. Visual communication is more effective and more fun than traditional communication which has mostly been text-only. Business professionals realize this too. However, the biggest challenge for non-designers thus far has always been: How do I create beautiful visuals to present my message visually with no design skills? This is where Visme comes in.

Visme homepage online visual content creator

With Visme anyone, with or without design skills, can create visual stories in the form of:

  • Visual presentations
  • Infographics
  • Charts & reports
  • Visual content for websites and social media

Getting Started With Visual Communication

Getting started to create visuals with Visme is very straightforward. Just sign up, and you’re immediately good to go. You can sign up with only your email address and a password or create an account using your Google Account or Facebook account.

The whole concept of Visme is based on templates which you can customize to your liking. Once you’ve created an account, you can start creating visuals by selecting one of the pre-defined use-cases. Visme distinguishes the following types of content you can choose from:

  • Presentations
  • Infographics
  • Documents
  • Printables
  • Web graphics
  • Social graphics
  • Custom size content

The first step in creating content is to select one of these content types. Once you’ve chosen the type of content, you’ll see a library of templates for that specific type of content.

Visme content types

Goodbye PowerPoint, Welcome Visual Business Presentations

One of the challenging tasks of any business professional is to give a presentation which isn’t boring. All too often business professionals accompany their presentation with a boring PowerPoint slide deck. The slide deck is filled with boring bullet points and massive amounts of boring texts that put the entire room to sleep instead of getting people excited about their ideas.

Visme offers business professionals an easy way to visualize an otherwise boring slide deck. When you choose to create a presentation in Visme, you can select from 800+ slides, all based on visuals. At the moment of writing you first choose from two types of slide designs: slides with a traditional design or slides with a modern, flat, design. Each of these two types of designs gives you access to 400+ individual slide designs.

Visme presentation templates

Once you’ve chosen either one of the two slide designs, you’ll be shown an editor to create your slides. On the right-hand side, you can add slides. When you add a slide, you can define what the general topic of that slide will be, and Visme will load a template for that specific topic.

Visme slide templates

For each slide topic you can choose from various designs

Once the slide is loaded you can tweak all its elements:

  • Text: Choose from different fonts, change sizes and colors, and even decorate the text.
  • Graphics: Choose from Visme’s extensive image library including photos (more than 500k photos) but also icons to change the background image or add an image to the slide. If browsing is too much of a hackle, then search whatever it is you’re looking for.
  • Data: Add data & charts elements to the slides. All data elements can be tweaked to show the numbers you want but also in the design you want. The map feature for example where every country can be edited is very nice!
  • Media: Add YouTube videos, sounds fragments or any other type of embeddable content to your slides.
  • Theme colors: Add a specific theme to your slides.
Visme map image

Add a map by selecting which country or countries to show. Individual countries can be highlighted.

The slide editor makes it very hard NOT to visualize your slides. Tweaking slides and visualizing slides is very easy. You can also add your own images to the slides by uploading images from your computer. Adding animation to elements, like in PowerPoint, is also possible.

Visme editor

Visme’s editor. The editor screen is similar for each of the different types of content. Adding graphical elements can be done from the left-hand menu.

You can show the presentation in the browser by publishing it online or, if you have a premium subscription, you can export it to pdf or PowerPoint. The export to PowerPoint doesn’t work well if you have a YouTube video embedded, i.e. the video shows up as an image in PowerPoint instead of a video. The video does work in the online version.

Playing around with different slides and adding different content elements I found it easier to work with than PowerPoint plus Visme has the bonus of a library with tons of images which PowerPoint and Keynote don’t have.

Easily Create Infographics

There are various tools nowadays to make infographics yourself. Visme makes the process of creating infographics very easy. Again, the first step is to select a template for your infographic. There are many infographic templates to choose from. You can browse per topic for example. Below are the topics for which an infographic template is available:

  • Process
  • Timeline
  • Reports
  • Informational
  • Hierarchical
  • How To
  • Anatomical
  • Business
  • Sales & Marketing
  • Non-Profit
  • Health & Medical
  • Education
  • Resume (also check this article about visual resumes)
  • Science & Technology

Browsing through the entire list is probably not the most efficient way to find the template you like. Simply use the search bar on top to find the topic for your infographic and start from there. Once you’ve selected a template you’re happy with an editor opens up which allows to you tweak every element of the infographic thus making it your own.

Similar to the presentation editor the infographic editor is very straightforward. You can change each element of the infographic and add additional blocks and elements to it if needed.

Visme infographics

Turn Text-based Documents Into Visual Documents

Under the content type Documents, you can turn a variety of documents into visuals document. Think of reports, ebooks, newsletter, survey results, graphs & charts, etc. The first step is to select the type of content you want to create.

Visme creating visual business documents

The editor works similarly as the Presentation editor. On the left side, you can choose from several layouts for your document. On the right-hand side, you can add new pages to your document. Also, you can add various elements from Visme’s extensive library.

Visa visual reports

Visual Promotion Materials

There’s also an option to create content for the physical world, i.e. printable materials like flyers, brochures, etc. Select the type of material you’d like to create and then choose the template you want to use. This leads to the editor where you can tweak the template to your liking, adding and changing the elements based on Visme’s library. You don’t have to worry about the format of the templates; they’re in standard printing formats.

Visme printable

Create Visuals For Websites and Email Banners

The Web Graphic section makes it very easy to create the right visual to use on a website or in an email. The Web Graphic templates are organized according to standard size-formats used on the web, so you can also create your online banner ads with Visme based on one of the default formats.

Visme website banners

Visuals for Social Media Websites

The templates for the Social Graphics are organized according to the most popular social media sites at the moment: Facebook, Twitter, Google+ (does anyone still use it?), YouTube, LinkedIn, Pinterest and Instagram.

Select the social media site you want to create a visual for. Once selected then you’ll be able to choose fixed formats specific for that social media website, similar to the Web Graphic section. Selecting a format and then a design template will lead you once again to the editor where you can tweak your visual.

Visme social media visuals

Pricing of Visme

Visme is free to use, but the free version does come with limitations: the choice of templates is limited, you can only create a maximum of three projects, you can only export in jpg or png format, and all created projects are public. If you don’t want these limitations, then you can opt for one of the paid versions. Paid versions are all based on a subscription model.

Visme pricing

Advantages and Disadvantages

The biggest advantage is of course that anyone can create visual content without design skills or even design software. The creator interface is very intuitive and easy to use. Browse through Visme’s extensive image library to add visual elements to your content. It’s all drag-and-drop, no special design skills required.

The template and image library are huge, so there are plenty of options to choose from. You can also import your own graphics to use. The number of templates is a possible ‘disadvantage’, though it’s more of a luxury problem: there are just so many to choose from! Browsing through all the templates to find the right one can be a time-consuming task.

A disadvantage with these kinds of tools that are based on templates is that all designs become generic once more people start using it. If you want to have a unique design, then the best option will still be to hire a professional designer. However, if you want to create visual content quickly yourself without the need of a designer, then Visme more than delivers. Having a generic design is still better than a non-visual, boring piece of material.


If you have no design skills and don’t want to hire a designer, but you do want to turn your story into a visual story, then Visme is an easy to use tool to do precisely that. The interface is intuitive, and it has a large library of templates and images to choose from. There’s a free option to try out the tool before buying, so there’s no reason not to give the tool a try. Have fun!